What the Heck Happened to Godlike Productions?


panicWhat the Heck Happened to GLP?

Over the weekend of 2/5/11, the website GodlikeProductions.com disappeared from the internet leaving nothing but a cryptic MP3 file, and the words: “The Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there; lift a stone and you will find me.
For the book has been closed, The names have been written, Judgement cometh. And it was known to them in those days that there would come upon them the judgement of the children of God, who had lived among them as men and learned of their ways and tested their hearts.”

For those who didn’t know, GLP was a clearinghouse for conspiracy theorists from all over the planet. Posters from all over would place information out for others to mull-over, mock, or refute; in one of the biggest public forums out there on the web. While 95% of the information on the board was absolute nonsense, there was the 5% of well written, and researched posts that kept many of us coming back for more. I also have to say that the tone of the site was changing into something ugly and racist over the last few months as a definite agenda about Israel and Muslims which was openly pushed by the site administrators.

We were a bit surprised when around 5:30pm PST the site went down. Many of us scratched our heads and checked some of the other boards on the net to get some answers. Forum’s like AboveTopSecret, Armaggedon online, and Lunatic Outpost, started to ask the question, “WTH happened to GLP?” In the last twenty four hours, a number of potential conspiracy theories about our favorite conspiracy theory site have been advanced.

1) Godlike Productions is a United States Government disinformation site run out of Eglin Air Force Base. This particular theory has been around for awhile anyway and now is gaining traction as former GLP members fan out around the net looking for information. For a number of years, people have noticed that if you type in certain words into posts on GLP, you are automatically banned from posting. Using words such as Tavistock, Jason Lucas, and Stanford Research Institute will earn you the door within a minute. Why? The theory says that the government is looking for information on the psychology of conspiracy theorists and is looking for ways to manipulate their behavior through the use of sites like GLP. For further information, check out this site:

2) There is a shadowy cabal of former GLP members who were unhappy about being banned and are making trouble for the current site owner. This theory alleges that former moderators on the forum want GLP destroyed because they were banned from posting on GLP. Frankly, I think this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, but there is some evidence to suggest that the site owner Trinity actually believes this, as some former members of GLP were in a chat room listening to his delusional raving when he took the site down.

3) Federal Agents raided the home of Trinity because of his determination to post information about a potential pole shift happening in March. Even by the standards of GLP, this is a bit of a stretch. The theory is, a caller on the Alex Jones show was totally edited out of the daily broadcast due to information she gave on a pole shift occurring in the middle of March 2011. This particular theory has gained traction on the internet due to the posting of this video.  The news grew when the video maker was arrested 2 days later. While this makes great doom porn, it has been proved conclusively by multiple listeners of the AJ show that this call in fact never happened and that video poster is full of crap. Alas, like all really juicy conspiracy theories, this one won’t let go and there are many on the internet who are claiming cover up.

4) Trinity took down the site because he wanted to watch the Superbowl. I have to say this is the way I’m leaning. Running a site 24/7 is an exhausting process. When you add in unruly teenagers posting nonsense, world events that are spiraling out of control, an economic depression, and the fact that you’re vertically challenged, a fellah just needs a day off. Besides, what better way to generate interest in your site than to make it suddenly unavailable.

Know I’m writing about this situation for one reason and one reason only. As evidenced by the last 24 hours, anything can be a conspiracy if you look hard enough or you start to put links together that look like they go together. We live in a world filled with darkness that needs the light shined on it. However, you also need to have some sense when you read information on the net. If your awake enough to read these words and understand what I’m saying, your awake enough to use your brain. Be a well read consumer of information that you come across. Read, cross check, and above all question the source of any material that you come into possession of. Don’t be foolish enough to believe everything.

While even the best mean bloggers such as myself, may think that we have the answer to something, check us too. We might have missed something important and you might have a piece of information that I might lack.

Most importantly, while defending your position, be open to things that might enrich your lives. While the world may be crashing around you, remember that the important things are family, friends and those you care about. With a positive outlook, all the doom around you may still be doom, but there are ways to cope that d for theon’t involve being glued to your computer monitor and posting raving manifestos on sites like GLP.

Edit:  Just noticed that GLP is back up. Superbowl finished and an “Emergency” with the persons involved in senario #2 are the reasons given for the site going down. OK! Looking like senario number #1 is also involved.

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