Bob, Bart, Reilly and Jeddy provide K9 entertainment at NO Charge at community and charity events. K9baseball is an all-volunteer organization.  We do not sell any product or offer our services for a fee.

We have been entertaining audiences since 2005.

How dogs think is a stage show of behaviors .. as opposed to tricks. Click here to watch Bart sort his toys, read, recycle and entertain audiences by demonstrating how dogs (actually any sentient creatures) have the same consciousness as humans.

K9baseball is a field show with balls, bats and agility equipment. Click here to watch a video or here to view a slide show of k9baseball.

Upcoming EventsOctober 14, 2012, 12th Annual Bow-Wows & Meows Pet Fair at Hart Park In Newhall

September 22-23, 2012, Ventura County Oktoberfest in Camarillo Airport Museum

September 21, 2012, Topanga Youth Services Talent Show in Topanga Canyon

April 28, 2012, 2nd Annual New Directions for Youth Charity Dog Walk DOGcathlon and Costume, Warner Center Park, Woodland Hills

April 14, 2012, 2012 Earth Day/Green Expo in Calabasas

May 5,6 56th Annual Conejo Valley Days in Thousand Oaks

Past Events

We have been on the Iams Super Dog Team and are the entertainment for The Annual Thousand Oaks Rotary Club Car Show and Chili Cook Off, Nuts For Mutts and Wags for Wishes yearly events.

Bob, Bart and Jeddy provide canine and have been thrilling audiences since 2005-2010:

  • 2005 – Exhibitions at the Purina Dog Challenge in San Diego (Solo Agility and K9basketball (replaced with k9baseball)
  • 2005-2010 – Thousand Oaks Rotary Club Car Show and Chili Cook Off K9 entertainment
  • 2006  – Bart, Bob and Jeddy were featured in the Petropolis Section of the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Valley Daily News
  • 2007 and 2009 members of the Internationally Acclaimed Iams Super Dog Team
  • 2009 – 7th Annual Wags for Wishes fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of San Diego
  • 2009 – The 8th Annual Nuts for Mutts Dog Show and Pet Fair at Shepard Stadium at Pierce College

May 2007 Bart and Jeddy join the Super Dog Team

Bart and Jeddy were fortunate to be invited to join the Super Dog team at the Conejo Valley Days Festival in Thousand Oaks California. Bart was given an opportunity to appear solo in several of the shows.

He was called the Green Dog and the Smart Dog.

For the Green Dog behavior Herb Williams and Chase littered the field with several plastic water bottles. The announcer called for clean up and Bart wildly grabbed the bottles and first put them in a full sized trash can. Because it is too high for him to just drop them in, he actually has to balance himself on the edge and sort of lob the bottle in the container. They decided it was taking too long (an extra 10 seconds) and we substituted a much smaller container so the behavior went faster. The crowd loved it and you can see him doing the first behavior in the picture below for the kids after the show.

 super dogspat and chat.png smart dogsv1.png

 Green Dog Behavior at the Pat and Chat

 Smart Dog behavior performed on the field

Click here to read more about Bart The Smart Dog.

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Bart has learned some unusual things for a Border Collie.  A movie will be coming soon but in the mean time we have some pictures for you to review.

Tools are included below coming soon we will add an experiment in How Dogs Think

Bart and Jeddy (His nephew) can sort their toys.  We start with a pile of balls, socks and miscellaneous toys.  The balls go in the coffee can, the socks in a laundry basket and any article that is not a BALL or a Sock goes in a wicker basket.  You can add new articles and he will put them in the wicker basket almost a 100% of the time.  The socks and balls can get mixed up but we think he does it on purpose. 

They can put rings on a post and pass rings from one to the other.  They both play a kiddie piano.

They have been trained to “find the car” after a shopping trip to the mall.

When his toy is too high up for him to reach he uses a chair.

 chair1.jpg  looks at toy.png  simg0009.png  simg0010.png
  I show him his toy and then put it on top of a box on top of a stool  He looks at the toy that is on the box on top of the stool that is too high for him to reach After a few seconds he goes over and gets the chair 

 But his first try is not close enough 

 simg0011.png  chfinal.png  toyfinal.png
 He gets off and pulls the chair closer  He jumps on the chair again and now that it is closer he can reach the toy  Success! he gets his toy


He negotiates the course by following the rope.  Below Bart is following a rope to find his toy The toy was under bush at the end of the rope

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 7.37.51 AM

A new Standard Agility class (Solo Agility) is an agility game for both dogs and their owners.  Solo Agility provides an opportunity for pet owners to participate and compete on a whole new level in the sport of Dog Agility.  Dogs and their owners alike enjoy the exercise and companionship that Dog Agility offers but today the sport is a test of the handlers rather than the dog and favors certain breeds and handlers. One object of the new game and the method of teaching will prove which dogs are the smartest and do in fact think for themselves.  In the advanced levels of the Solo class course design will incorporate more and more problem solving for the dog.

In order to direct the dog over the course and teach the dog to take the obstacles in order a method of training is the use of a child’s Maze.  A rope is laid out in the maze that leads to a reward.  The dog is taught to follow the rope.  The Maze will allow the trainer to easily vary the path or track the dog must follow.  Bart was invited to the 2004 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge to exhibit Solo Agility and K9basketball.  At the time he was just over 1 year and I was concerned about the noise and distractions. We had never been before a crowd and I had just recently proofed Solo Agility.  I was pretty nervous since I thought it was going to be televised along with the other events. I did not find out until the last minute it was just for the audience.  He actually performed 10 obstacles solo 3 times during the event.

Once the dog has learned to follow the rope the agility obstacles are introduced.


Bart’s Resume

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 7.41.54 AM

BORN:  September 3, 2003

BREEDING:  Mother – Fly, Father –  Davy.  Both sire and dame are accomplished Sheep Herds with friendly, easy temperament.  Papers on request.

TEMPERAMENT: Very Friendly and gentle, loves to work and learns very quickly.

TRAINING: Agility Standard and Solo, K9 Basketball (he invented it), Sheep Herding (Has is own Sheep),  Scent Tracking (both air and ground).

TELEVISION:  June 2004 (9 Months old) Animal Wow, Wow entertainment.  New children’s TV program.   Contact: Allison Takido, 310-678-5169.

SKILLS USED: Bart was first asked to do the very elementary, SIT, POSE and STAY while being hugged on camera. After impressing the producers and crew, (who said, “That dog can do anything”) a special new shot was set up for  Bart.  He showed them how he plays HIDE AND SEEK and was able to change behavior often as required by director to get perfect shots.

Behaviors: Reading, Sorting, Baseball and Basketball games invented for Border Collies

Therapy Dog: Certified in 2005 by Therapy Dogs International

June 15, 2005  Bart, Bob and Jeddy were featured in the Petropolis Section of the Los Angeles Times

On Command – licks his lips, sticks out his tongue, wags his tail, wiggles his ears, moves his back and front feet, cries, speaks, lies down, lies on side, plays dead, sits and poses and more.

2005 San Diego Clicker Challenge Champions (Bad Boys n’ Trouble) – Bart, Jet, Trouble, Zack and Phantom)

2005 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge – Solo Agility and K9basketball Exhibition

2006 Bow Wow Meow Pet fair in Santa Clarita

2006 Ventura Sheriffs Canine Foundation  Saturday 9K4K9 event in Camarillio

2007 Conejo Valley Days Super Dogs

Reading: On Saturday October 9, at the Bow Wow Meow Pet fair in Santa Clarita and again on October 15 at the Ventura Sheriffs Canine Foundation  9K4K9 event in Camarillio Bart demonstrated a very unique behavior in front of a substantial crowd.  He showed that he could find articles (toys) by scenting, remember where he found them and finally to retrieve by reading the letter for each of the toys.  We were in a ring surrounded by spectators and their pets at the < >Hart Park in Santa Clarita.  Using two assistants they held Bart in a way that he could not see where each of three toys were hidden next to places very near to the crowd.  He was asked to find the articles by scenting them one at a time. Then they were placed in the same locations he found them.  Bob then showed him a bold Letter “F” on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.  The “F” bob explained stands for Barts “Fluffy Toy”.  Bart had to remember where he found the toy and retrieve it correctly.  The most interesting part of the experiment was when he went first to the location where the slipper was and after mouthing it for a second, dropped it and went to the location where fluffy was and brought it back correctly.  You could see him thinking when he realized the slipper was wrong and moved on to the correct toy.  He subsequently brought the other two back correctly when showed the “M” for the monkey and the “S” for the slipper.

CONTACT:      OWNER/HANDLER:  Bob Singer, Phone, 818-880-4001, 818-571-1748, Email, rds2301@yahoo.com.

Bart and I have been doing experiments in proving that Dogs do in fact think and have human like “consciousness” and a mental picture of the world just like we do.  We got some ideas from trial and error and many by reading Stanley Coren’s book “How Dogs Think”.  I recommend it to all dog people regardless of the activity they are doing it will help them understand their companions on a new level.  What follows are excerts from his book.

In fact the idea that dogs don’t think or have human consciousness is one born out of the religious convictions of Descartes and the catholic church in the 17th Century. The Greek philosophers had a high opinion of the dog’s intellect and described the “noble dog” as a lover of learning and beast worthy of wonder.  In fact the disciples of Diogenes, a significant Greek philosopher, were known as cynics which means “Dog Thinkers”.  Although the idea of an intellignet reasoning and feeling dog persisted for many centuries, we might say in the 17th century dogs lost their minds.  Descartes strong catholic religious feelings, not his scientific findings, led him to conclude that dogs had no mind to lose.  To Descartes granting any degree of intelligence was equivalent to admintting that dogs had consciousness, which would include awareness and the ability to plan future actions.  According to religious doctrines at the time, anything that had consciousness also had a soul, and anthing that had a soul could earn admission to heaven.  That dogs might go to heaven was unacceptable to both Descartes and the Roman Catholic Church.  To explain how in the absence of intelligence, reasoning or consciousness, dogs could have such complex behaviors  he reasoned that dogs were the biological equivalent of animated machines or just bits of biological machinery.

Bart and I have come up with a behavior that demonstrates that he has all the elements of consciousness and rational thought.  Michael Lockwood the Oxford philosopher says that consciousness is the leading edge of perceptual memory.  Therefore evidence for consciousness might include Bart:

1. having a picture of the world that goes beyond our immediate senses, such as knowing that the existence of objects is independent of whether we can see them right at this moment.

2. being self aware and have a concept of self

3. be conscious of being conscious and understand that other individuals also have minds and consciousness that might be the same or different from ours

We have taught Bart to read!  Some will argue that when he retrieves his toys by a letter that isn’t reading but according to Jesus Rosales-Ruiz speaker at the 2005 Clicker Expo in San Diego in order to prove Bart is capable of language and can read I  must do the following:

  1. Teach to retrieve a toy by name
  2. Teach him to retrieve his toy by showing him a picture of the toy
  3. Teach him to associate a letter in this case “M” is for his monkey.  We used various methods for this exercise and all of them seem to work.  Below we showed him the picture of the Monkey and asked him to bumps the correct symbol.
  4. To prove he can read we then ask  him to retrieve the Monkey when we show him the letter “M”.

We have now demonstrated this behavior several ways.

Click below to see a video of Bart going to the correct box witht he picture of the toy on the outside and openning the box to retrieve the toy ( watch video clip 2 first!).


Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 7.44.25 AM

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